Special exhibition

Before the Clock Bang - Time and Life in the Village of Schwenningen

10 April 2022 - 8 January 2023

Schwenningen has become known as the "clock metropolis" with smoking factory chimneys. But what was it like before that? This special exhibition in the Museum of Industrial Clock Making presents a very special kind of local history with numerous objects from the holdings of the Schwenningen Local History Museum. It links striking developments in the village of Schwenningen, evidence of living and working conditions with questions about the role of time, the perception of time and time structures for the individual people in the village.

Although there were over 50 clockmakers working in Schwenningen in 1850, life was hardly based on the time. This paradox alone shows that it is worthwhile to take a look at the rural and artisanal village with different eyes: What do clan names tell us about the temporal conception of family? How do the cyclical rhythms of birth and death, of sowing, growth and harvest influence the experience of time? How does this fit with the Christian hope for the end of time? The search for traces brings to light a multitude of different cultural concepts of time. It becomes clear how violent the "Clock Bang" must have been, when industrialisation strictly aligned life according to the time - with significant participation of Schwenningen companies.

An exhibition that looks at history from a new perspective and wants to be an impulse to question our own concepts of time in the present.

Wearing FFP2 or medical masks when visiting the exhibition is recommended.

In the StadtHoch2 blog of the city museums, the curators of the special exhibition provide exciting insights into Schwenningen's village history (only in German).